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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 707 – As Gentle And Silent As The Rain ludicrous chief
The amount 8 and 9 fierce beasts had some degree of learning ability, but fortunately, they hadn’t converted yet and didn’t hold real learning ability.
The 2-meter-tall wilderness gra.s.s increased during the mud, and also it was strenuous to trudge from the soil for Hao Ren and Su Han.
Su Han blushed at his reminder and believed, “Don’t will need someone to remind me!”
“He is not merely brave but wise also,” Su Han said in her cardiovascular system.
A dark-colored Ancestral Dragon Palace soared in the significant heavens at an extremely fast rate whilst another black dot was moving in the space it must be another Ancestral Dragon Palace.
Hao Ren sped up and continued to perform.
Thud! Thud… Working around the dirty terrain, Hao Ren dashed throughout the heavy gra.s.s along with his human body tilted forward at 45 diplomas.
the floating light of the goodwin sands
Even though heavy black water oozed from the body from the bug, Su Han gathered the two parts of Sky Heart and soul Bamboo and reinforced away from, stumbling backward into Hao Ren’s hands.
He believed such as ferocious beasts didn’t shift fast even with their huge sizes, and it gave them a chance to dash via.
Underneath her windbreaker became a crimson sweater. When she shifted somewhat against Hao Ren, he noticed the astonis.h.i.+ng softness and bounciness of her body.
Hao Ren strode more than and brought Su Han to the cave. Then, he had the purple golden hairpin from her locks and planted it in the ground at the entrance for the results of suppression demon beasts.
The swords made out of Sky Heart Bamboo was very mild. Regardless of their slow-rising pace, they were very sensitive. Even an ordinary tool could reduce them downwards.
Hao Ren’s real sturdiness far exceeded her anticipations!
The heavens obtained brightened. There had been no sun in right here, but Hao Ren predicted that this was about noon, and in addition they obtained dealt with not even half of your distance.
Su Han rolled on the floor, leaving behind numerous chafes on her soft complexion. In the mean time, Hao Ren’s sword electricity golf shot into the cliff, and Hao Ren crashed on top of the rock and roll, creating a profound crater inside it.
She planned to yell, but Hao Ren locked her lip area, and the mouth tangled with hers tenderly.
“Sky Coronary heart Bamboo!”
“How is the best leg…” Following laying the remainder of the straws on the floor, Hao Ren sat beside Su Han. He needed out of her bright shoes or boots, pulled up her flexible tights, and considered her lower leg.
“Hold snug!” Hao Ren reminded her.
Thud! Thud… Going around the muddy surface, Hao Ren dashed with the thick gra.s.s regarding his entire body tilted forward at 45 levels.
“What percentage of results do you think we certainly have?” Su Han questioned which has a grim manifestation.
On the Nine Dragon Palace, Su Han wasn’t as formidable as she has been outdoors, which stimulated his protective intuition.
Su Han was relieved following retaining Hao Ren in her own forearms.
“I will settle down the accounts with him later on!” Clenching her fists, she organised Hao Ren’s neck tighter and pressed her chest onto his back again.
Resorting to lies on his lower back, Su Han was swung aside violently prior to swinging backside. Her chest area rubbed against his back again so forcefully she was positive that Hao Ren experienced it. It designed her blush a lot more.
They boost their speed.
Hao Ren leaped frivolously over a rock and roll.
A black color Ancestral Dragon Palace soared during the great skies in an extremely fast pace while another dark dot was moving in the space it must be another Ancestral Dragon Palace.
To her surprise, Hao Ren tightened one of his arms and utilized additional hand to take many sword energies towards a difficult surface area, opening a compact cave which has a height of around five yards.
“Let’s go then.” While not another phrase, Hao Ren had taken Su Han’s fingers and walked down the mountain peak.
Alarmed, Su Han drew out her longsword and climbed on top of the rock. She climbed to Hao Ren’s aspect with out sparing a peek for the burning scuff marks on her feet and fingers.
The seemingly clumsy huge-size ferocious beasts suddenly protected a large number of m instantly just as if these folks were hovering!
The garden soil where Atmosphere Center Bamboo became transformed dark-colored gradually after getting polluted with the thick solution. The fragile Heavens Heart Bamboos transformed from earth-friendly to black color, withering and plunging.
Slash… The suggestion with the sharp knife reduce an extensive b.l.o.o.d.y wound in Su Han’s lower leg!
Their tongues handled the other tentatively, giving Su Han a feeling that she experienced never felt just before. She panted, and her thoughts were actually in the wreck.